EM GUIDE tool & website source code available

This project site and the EM GUIDE tool have been launched right on time for the public project launch on March 1st, 2024. 

The project website implements a modern and efficient architecture with a flexible Strapi content management system (CMS) and a light-weight static site generated (SSG) Astro frontend. Both the website code and its design are custom development by experts who are also musicians from the EM GUIDE network with in-depth understanding of the project and its goals. 

The EM GUIDE tool is another custom community development with the aim to support the international editorial team of the EM GUIDE members. The logic of the tool has been designed with precise and careful consideration of the EM GUIDE workflow to publish, share, and translate content across the network. The EM GUIDE tool's first stable version is in operation since March 2024. Technically speaking, this first version is a customised Strapi backend with a built-in React frontend – future versions plan to develop a custom UI for an even more ergonomic use. We believe that the workflow implemented by the EM GUIDE tool is a general one and that it has the potential to be applied in other journalistic settings too.  

Both the website's and the EM GUIDE tool's source code is open and free under the MIT license and available at github.com/EM-GUIDE.