Workshop on Authorship and Copyrights with Anne Ohlen

Date: March 8th, 2024
Facilitator: Anne Ohlen
Topic: Authorship and copyrights

The EM GUIDE project hosts 14 internal workshops. These workshops are meant to help the project staff, and occasionally other contributors of the network, to acquire, improve, and exchange skills and knowledge relevant to the participating magazines and/or the network itself. 

Understanding authorship and copyright issues is crucial for EM GUIDE, given its focus on producing und publishing a vast amount of content – in a legal and professional way. To help us navigate in this complex terrain of ownership and usage, we invited Anne Ohlen, a Cologne-based lawyer specializing in copyright issues within the music industry. Anne guided us through the intricacies of determining ownership and how to lawfully utilize materials produced by others.

About the facilitator: Anne Ohlen is a lawyer and lecturer at Folkwang University of the Arts.

Cover picture is courtesy of Freepik.