Workshop on Communication Strategies with Gabriella Gál

Date: January 25th, 2024
Facilitator: Gabriella Gál
Topic: Communication strategies

The EM GUIDE project hosts 14 internal workshops. These workshops are meant to help the project staff, and occasionally other contributors of the network, to acquire, improve, and exchange skills and knowledge relevant to the participating magazines and/or the network itself.  

Our first workshop was crafted to acquaint ourselves with the process of developing the communication strategy for EM GUIDE. We invited Gabriella Gál, an active PR manager and communication specialist, who (1) provided us with a thorough understanding of current trends in communication and marketing, especially in the fields of arts, culture, and music; and (2) guided us in defining how we can synchronize the communication methods of our magazines, and how we should connect EM GUIDE with its audience.

About the facilitator:

Gabriella Gál is a Budapest-based digital strategist and communications specialist with a background in data analytics in the media industry and the cultural sector. After graduating from the University of Sussex, she began her career on the Media Partnerships team of Twitter in the London HQ and spent the following years gaining experience at international festivals like The Great Escape and Sziget Festival, alongside working at prominent digital content agencies like Somethin' Else or Seven League (now IMG). She currently works as the partnerships manager of Trafó House of Contemporary Arts in Budapest.