"I am trying things out, that makes me feel free."

Hyeji Nam is a dynamic Korea-born musician and performer whose journey through life and art is richly detailed in an intimate interview by Christoph Benkeser. Set in a cozy café in Vienna, the article captures Hyeji’s transformative experiences, from her formative years in Seoul influenced by her pianist mother to a pivotal year in New Zealand that opened her eyes to new musical expressions, and the intense cultural pressures she faced upon returning to Korea.

The interview explores Hyeji's profound struggles with depression, her rediscovery of voice and self-expression through the liberating environment of university arts, and her avant-garde approach to music, integrating AI technology to create unique sounds. Her narrative is one of resilience, curiosity, and relentless pursuit of artistic freedom. Hyeji’s global travels, diverse educational experiences, and fearless artistic experiments have forged her into a groundbreaking and boundary-pushing artist.

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